Monday, 31 December 2012

NOTD: Disney Villains - Evil Queen!

NOTD Disney Villains Nail Polish Evil Queen Swatch

My nails are taking abit of a dark turn to bring in 2013 with this beauty! A black polish with lovely pinky-purple glitter speckles which make up Evil Queen, part of the Disney Villains Varnish Collection. I have been so impressed with the collection from the packaging to the actual application and wear time. The images don’t do this shade justice at all, the glitter is way more sparkly looking either purple, pink or red depending on the light.

NOTD Disney Villains Nail Polish Evil Queen Bottle Review

Vivo Clear Polish
Evil Queen x2
OPI RapiDry Top Coat

Originally I bought this set purely for the concept, but am mega mega happy with the results. I’ll have a collective review coming up in the next few weeks and individual posts of each shade in NOTD’s.

Have you spotted these in the Disney Store? Do you think they represented the Evil Queen well?


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in Shade 2

Oh Skin Base. How do I even express how much I love you. Having been using this foundation for over a year now, I thought it was about time I finally gave you all a detailed review. For years I looked for a foundation which was pale enough for my porcelain cool toned skin yet still provided decent coverage & staying power, but for years I failed. That is until Illamasqua’s Skin Base jumped onto the market. Now with 26 shades to suit most skintones, you’d be hard pressed not to find a match. For us pale skinned folks, an easily accessible brilliant quality foundation has rocked our world (or mine at least).

illamasqua skin base foundation shade 2 review beauty makeup pale foundation 2

Sure you can find pale foundations online and in department stores more now days (Dainty Doll, Estee Lauder, YSL), but I just simply can’t justify splashing out when my Illamasqua works a treat. You can check out my friend Katie’s blog for more pale skinned foundation reviews as she's tried so many.
Anyway here’s what the brand say about this beauty!
“Inspired by the cult Asian market Beauty Balm creams, Skin Base Foundation is a brand new, refined formula unlike anything on the UK market. Easily blendable, it effortlessly creates a perfect complexion, and like the entire Illamasqua foundation range, is undetectable in a professional HD environment. Suitable for all skin types, it smoothes, softens and conditions your skin whilst providing natural, buildable coverage.”

illamasqua skin base foundation shade 2 review beauty makeup pale foundation

Having a medium buildable coverage I find this manages to even out the skintone whilst still looking natural, buffing into the skin beautifully. If you have blemishes you will have to add abit of concealer of course, but any lighter pigmentation shouldn’t be visible. This in combination with my Collection Concealer and Collection Powder gives me such a flawless finish, and I have far from good skin. The staying power is pretty darn amazing too, not caking up at all after a full days wear. The only thing i am disappointed about is a lack of SPF, but living in the UK I guess that's not really a total necessity (although preferred) and makes this perfect for a night out or photo-moments.

illamasqua skin base foundation shade 2 review beauty makeup pale foundation swatch
[L-R: Blob of Product, Swiped Across the Skin, Blended]
A little definitely goes a long way with Skin Base. Since starting to use this in November 2011 I am only on my second bottle, that being about half way through. The first bottle lasted me November – August. Amazing! That is with using it at least 4 times a week.
_DSC0072 (2)[6]
[Light Coverage: No-Flash or editing. You can see my summer freckles aww!]_DSC0248edit[5]
[Built Up Coverage: With Flash and a little skin smoothing editing]
Above I’ve showed you how natural the foundation can look (top image) when used lightly or how you can gain more coverage (bottom image). Even though the second image is edited a little and lighting is different ect, I'm sure you can notice the difference and how less noticeable my freckles are when built up.
I fully recommend you check out Skin Base Foundation as I personally adore it and can’t see myself splashing out for anything else. At £27 you can grab this product online from Debenhams here, the illamasqua website here or instore at independent Illamasqua flagstores or Selfridges.
What do you think of Skin Base? What’s your favourite foundation?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas 2012 Sales Purchases!

Blood Feather Lipstick Beauty Blog Christmas 2012 Sales haul

This year I was pretty excited to shop the sales. From now on I'm going to be saving every penny for my summer in America so I thought I deserved one last splurge. Some of these bits I picked up on the 22nd but most were from boxing day. Me and the mother ventured out to snap up some quick deals, the main places on my hit list being Boots, LUSH and The Disney Store (ofcourse)!

Beautywise I picked up Lady Gaga Fame 50ml Gift Set (£21.33), Soap & Glory Glow Buisness (£15), LUSH House of Fun Giftbox (Half Price), LUSH Twilight Shower gel (Half Price), LUSH Liquid Lipstick in Drive (Half Price), Disney Villains Nailpolish Set (£10).

Blood Feather Lipstick Beauty Blog Christmas 2012 Sales haul disney

I also got some of Villains stuff from the Disney Store as it was half price woop! I now own most of the collection <3

Villains Makeup bag (£4.99), Villains Jumper (£10.99), Malificent Mug (£6ish), Motley Crue top from H&M (£3), Disney Classics Christmas Baubles (£10.99).

The baubles I got before Christmas and considering I've been eyeing them up since November, them being half price I couldn't resist. They now reside on my mini and my mothers tree. Totally something I'm going to be using for years to come when I have my own permanent place.

Did you pick up any bargains in the sales?


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Gifts 2012!

christmas gifts 2012 blood. feathers. lipstick. beauty blog

Hey my lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I’ve been spoilt rotten this year, especially from the boy and my friends! Can you see a reoccurring theme here? Apologies from the terribad image, been so busy/preoccupied so only had a moment yesterday to quickly snap a pic with my phone. Stay tuned for my Sales shopping tomorrow, which i promise will look more presentable!

Disney Villains Bag, Cruella Mug, Villains T-shirt, Paris Scarf, Villains Book, Camcorder, Maleficent Purse, OPI Vintage Minnie Set, Villains Eyeshadow Palette, Game of Thrones First Season, Disney Socks, Game of Thrones Poster, Cinderella Carriage Necklace, Baking Kit, Chocolates, Smellies, Minnie Slippers, Mother Gothel Villains Collectable.

Not pictured I also got Bambi Nightwear, Money, Personalised Dumbo Mug, Ariel Tree Bauble, Veggi Cook-Book, Odeon VIP Vouchers for me and Craig from his mother, Lion King Musical Tickets plus some extras from the boy which haven’t arrived yet apparently!

521331_10151169669816711_227802756_n[Bits from the Boyfriend <3]

I know some people have been funny about showing Christmas gifts, but to be honest I love seeing what was received by others. It’s not bragging in any way and believe me when I say I spent just as much on my friends, family & boyfriend (especially him! He got spoilt by me haha)!

On a different note you can expect to see my sales shopping, Bi-Annual faves, a New Years Eye Makeup look and even a giveaway over the next week, stay tuned <3

What did you receive or give for Christmas?


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Quick Review: LUSH The Comforter Bubble Bar!

Having not been to LUSH for quite a while, me and mum popped in the other day for some last minuet presents. While browsing the shelves a lady doing a bubble bar demonstration caught my eye, having a gander over I had a sniff and knew it had to be mine. I’ve never actually tried these before but am totally converted. BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES! Just a little piece crumbled up fills the bath with so many bubbles, not to mention pink water wheee!

LUSH bubble bar the comforter LUSH bubble bar the comforter beauty

“This isn’t called the Comforter for nothing. We threw everything we had at this one, to make it warming, comforting and reassuring. We wanted a bath that gave the same sense of safety and calm that your favourite teddy, your comfort blanket or a snuggly scarf gives.
At times when you feel you need to protect yourself from the world  - immerse yourself in this pink bath and allow the familiar oils to envelop you in a comforting berry scented embrace.” – LUSH

A delicious scent of blackcurrant made me instantly bag this product! At £4.25 there is at least 5 uses, maybe even more depending on how much you use. Find The Comforter Bubble Bar in store or online here.

Have you tried The Comforter? What’s your favourite bubble bar?

Ohs! I also think I'm going to start doing mini quick reviews like this one of single products from now on. What do you think?


Monday, 17 December 2012

Some Cheeky Beauty & Fashion Purchases!


As well as getting gifts for my friends & family this Christmas, I’ve not been able to resist splurging a little on myself. In a bid to improve and refine my skincare routine, I ordered a few La Roche-Posay Effaclar goodies online in the form of Effaclar Duo, Foaming Gel and Effaclar AI. Having heard of this line 2 year ago I’ve been dying to try some stuff, but just never got around to it. Here’s hoping for some noticeable results! As well as them, I got a Burt’s Bees body wash in the same order. This was mostly due to getting free shipping if I spent another fiver ahha! Lastly for skincare I saw this St Ives Apricot Scrub for half price in Superdrug. I’ve been in the market for a facial scrub, so why not eh! The Sally Hansen HD Polishes I got from poundland, pretty pretty (see Spectrum swatched here).


Disney! I saw this Bambi Jumper in H&M and couldn't resist. I wear it so much! Cute, comfy and warm, perfect. The skeleton hand top was a random pickup, it was a fiver, why not eh? Jewellery wise, I nipped into Primark looking for things with spikes. I came out with this necklace and some earrings. Nothing much to really expand on with that really :’)

After Christmas I am officially going on a No-Buy as I’m spending way too much and need to save more for Florida!

Have you tried any of the La Roche-Posay Effaclar range?


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Behind the Blogger: Christmas Tag!

Ohay pretties! Christmas is in full swing for me so I thought I would do this little tag I’ve seen hanging around! Enjoy and feel free to do this yourself!

christmas tag

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas ?

Mostly I love the whole atmosphere! Warm cosy house, pretty lights, delicious food, relaxing and being happy. I have nothing but amazing memories of Christmas, it’s literally my favourite time of year. I always try to get mum to put up as much lights as i can haha! SO PRETTY.

2. What is your favourite make up look for festive the season?

I tend to keep it pretty natural for Christmas day. Me, my sister and mum stay in our PJ’s till midday then i will usually just whack on abit of foundation, blush, mascara and eyeshadow. It’s all about the jammies.

3. Real tree or fake tree?

I will have to say fake! My parents got real trees for a few years but they were always too much hassle. Once the darn thing died and just fell over a few days before Christmas! Plus we have a young dog so he would probably just eat the pine needles and get sick.

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?

Not gonna lie, both! Who doesn't like getting presents? But of course I love going shopping for people, picking out things they probably wouldn't get themselves, seeing their reaction when they open them!

5. Do you open presents Christmas morning or evening?

Morning! These days we don’t get up as early as when we were kids, but I’m always the first one awake. Every year without fail I will then go and crawl into my sisters bed and wake her up, then we both go and jump on mum and dads bed haha! It usually takes a while to get mum downstairs, but we’ll then sit around opening presents together before dad makes us breakfast.

christmas tag yankee candle

6. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?

I’d like to have the patience to make cards, but i normally just buy mum, dad, sister, boyfriend and my 3 best friends them. Actually tempted to make some this year though, hummmm…

7. What is your favourite Christmas film?

I don’t really have a favourite tbh. If I had to choose, it would probably be The Nightmare before Christmas <3 We tend to just watch whatever is on the TV there and then (if mum don't have her darn soap Christmas specials on).

8. What's your favourite Christmas food?

Roast spuds, stuffing and chocolate! Lots and lots of chocolate. I always stuff my face around Christmas, I LOVE FOOD!

9. What's your favourite Christmas song?

You better watch out! You better not cry! You better watch out I'm telling you why! Santa clause is coming, to town! baha! Also “What’s this” from the nightmare before Christmas if that counts.

10. What's your favourite Christmas memory?

I have so many. Every year it’s pretty much the same schedule and I love every minuet! I think my favourite part of the day every year though is curling up on the sofa in the evening, next to the tree in new jammies with a cup of hot chocolate and a tin of roses. One of my favourite childhood memories is me when I was around 4-5sh, getting woken up by dad so he could take me to the toilet (it was downstairs in our old house), coming out of the kitchen and seeing presents everywhere. I guess I didn't know it was Christmas or sommet? I was shocked and happy anyway haha.

What’s your favourite think about Christmas?


Saturday, 15 December 2012

NOTD: Sally Hansen Spectrum!

sally hansen spectrum HD nail polish blue glitter

Hello more pound shop finds! While browsing for Christmas decorations the other day I came across this beautiful blue glittery Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Colour in the beauty bit, bargain!

OPI Base Coat
Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Colour in Spectrum x3
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat

Never failing to impress, after the first coat I thought I should have worn a coloured base but was pleasantly surprised at the opacity I got by the third coat. Wear time is pretty good-average. I’ve had this mani for two days and it’s just starting to chip, which is decent for me haha!


I’ve been after glitter polishes recently so am very happy with this find. Perfect for that “icy winter” look. You can bet I’m going to be raiding the shops for gold, red and green glitter for Christmassy themes!

What's your favourite colour glitter polish?


Friday, 14 December 2012

Soap & Glory Best of All Now Better than Half Price in Boots!

soap and glory best of all 2012 boots

So it’s that moment we have all been waiting for! Soap & Glory Best of All is now better than half price in boots. With a saving of £33 (Originally £60) this gem flies off the shelves every year. The offer has now began and will last for a week, but better hurry, this thing sells out quickly. For £27 you will get 9 full sized products including:

The Righteous Butter
Hand Food
Sugar Crush Body Scrub
Smoothie Star Body Milk
Heel Genius
Clean on Me Shower Gel
Peaches and Clean Cleaners
Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss in Punch Bowl
Thick and Fast Mascara

I’m probably most looking forward to trying Clean on Me and Peaches & Clean as I’ve heard so many amazing things about them. I’m not really a fan of the mascara having tried it before, but the lipgloss smells AMAZING! Hell everything smells amazing! Must…Not…Eat…

You can pick this up in boots stores or online!

Will you be getting this for yourself or someone else this Christmas? What are you most looking forward to trying?


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas 2012 Wishlist!

Hey lovelies! So I did one of these last year and decided to do one again for 2012 as I love noseying at what people are wanting at the moment. Surprisingly there is hardly any beauty related stuff on mine! For once I’m pretty content with my makeup collection, shockhorror!

christmas wish list 2012

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
The main beauty related thing I want this year, having read so many rave reviews I don’t know how long I can resist it’s calls. My skin isn’t looking its best at the moment, so it could really do with that little something to clear and brighten it.

Real Techniques Brushes
I have the stipple brush and love love love it! Need more! Especially the core collection and eye starter set. I know I have a tonne of face and eye brushes, but hey, I'm greedy.

Video Camera
This is one I've asked mum and dad for. As well as aiming to use this to film some makeup tutorials, I mainly want a camcorder for my summer in Florida! To document what I'm going to be doing as a nice thing to look back on and keep people back home updated.

Kindle Fire HD
I have the kindle keyboard and knew I wanted this upgrade as soon as I saw it. Unlikely any time soon, but a girl can hope. A great device to keep all by books as well as being able to use it as a tablet for a very reasonable price.

Anything Disney Related
Says it all really. Ofcourse I’m Disney obsessed, so anything along those line is a much for me at the moment haha!

Leather Jacket (faux)
This beauty is from topshop (£50 at the moment!) and I’ll probably try and persuade the boyfriend to grab this for me as a prezzie, if not I can see myself buying it in the near future. I’m in such a rocker phase on at the moment, and my current leather jacket just doesn't cut it.

Illamasqua Mystery Box
There’s nothing i particularly want makeup wise at the moment, so this box filled with unknown goodies from my favourite brand cannot fail to sate the makeup lover in me right?

Game of Thrones Box Set
Hell just give me anything Game of Thrones related. By far one of my favourite TV shows/book series'! Which is your favourite house? I love the Targaryens and the Lannisters <3

What are you asking for/want this Christmas?


Friday, 7 December 2012

FOTD: Quick Glamor!

What started out as a flick of mascara soon turned into a whole look as I got ready for work today. Any excuse to play with new eye shadows, namely Makeup Geek Glamour. Worth it!

eye makeup geek beauty MUG eyeshadow look

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver, Illamasqua Skin Base 2, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in fair, MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Light, Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory, NARS Laguna Bronzer, Benefit Thrrrob.

UDPP, UD Virgin, Makeup Geek Glamorous, UD Buck, UD Darkhorse, UD 24/7 Pencil Liner in Zero, Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner, MUA white eyeliner, Collection Skyscraper Mascara, ELF Lengthening and Volumizing Waterproof Mascara.

Sephora Lipgloss in Dazzling Violet

eye makeup geek beauty MUG eyeshadow FOTD

Quick question! Do you guys prefer if i list eye products used or describe how I use them, which I did in this post? I know it can sometimes be a mission to find what colours are used for what in a look. Or would you like me to do both? Let me know!


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

That’s What She Said: Sweet Mint EOS Lip Balm!

I’ve mentioned this lip balm once or twice in the past but I thought it was about time it got its own review, as I absolutely adore it! Since Katie picked this up for me in America I've been wearing it nonstop and am dreading the day when it runs out.

eos lip balm mint review beauty makeup

Not being readily available in the UK, the EOS lip balms are always mentioned in American hauls and by those from the US, naturally I was dying to get my hands on one. Believe me, I wasn't disappointed.

95% organic, 100% natural,  paraben and petrolatum free EOS lip balms claim to be packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, keeping lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.

Firstly I have to comment on the application. By far the easiest I’ve experienced due to the round shape which makes it possible to smear it all over the lips on one single swipe. It’s not too heavy, perfect for under lipstick, but still keeps my lips moisturised throughout the whole day. The smell and taste is also divine. I’m not going to include a picture of the inside of mine as it’s abit worse for wear haha. You can find an example with a quick google search though.

eos lip balm mint review beauty makeup 2

This totally trumps any other lip balm I've tried, including the much raved about Nuxe Reve de LĂ©vres (which i personally find too heavy for me & annoying to apply). Now you can get these in the UK if you look online, but they’re pretty expensive which sucks so much! You lucky americans you!

I’m 100% going to be stocking up when I go to America next summer. Have you ever tried the EOS lip balms? What’s your favourite alternative?


So This Happened: Red Hair & Everyday EOTD!

Instead of doing 2 separate posts on my current everyday eye look and my new hair colour I thought I would combine them into one as the pictures aren't the best! So, recently I’ve been adding abit more depth to my everyday bog standard eye makeup. My current “goth phase” may have something to do with that, but I haven't wanted to just smack on the black eyeshadow/eyeliner.


Instead I've opted for a lighter colour over the lid in the form of Urban Decay’s Virgin with Urban Decay’s Buck running through the crease. For some depth I blend Makeup Geek Corrupt with Buck taking some onto the lower lash line before adding more Virgin to the lid and brow bone. Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero and Collection Skyscraper Mascara finish off the look!


Hair wise, I dyed it red! Inspired a little bit by Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, I kinda saw a picture of him with red hair and went “I WANT!” Of course I haven’t done anything dramatic to my roots as I am trying to grow my natural colour out. I’ve basically just coloured the blonde part which is going to get chopped off anyway sometime before I go to Florida. This washes out, its all cool! Just abit of a change, I get bored of my hair easily haha!

Have you had any dramatic hair changes recently?


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