Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Auberge de Cendrillon | Vegan in Disneyland Paris


Auberge de Cendrillion has been one of the restaurants in Disneyland Paris that I have most wanted to visit for a while. Of course, since becoming Vegan back in January I knew that it was unlikely that I was going to be eating a culinary masterpiece from there seeing as Disneyland Paris isn't as clued up about vegan eating as its American counterparts, but the food isn't all we do these expensive dinners for is it? Auberge de Cendrillion is a character dining experience in which you visit with three princesses, one prince and Cinderella's mice friends Suzie and Perla. In my opinion, these character meals are a great way to meet several characters in a short space of time without having to wait in long queues. Upon our arrival I spoke to my server informing him that I didn't eat any meat, dairy, fish or eggs and asked what they could make for me. At first he was a little confused but eventually he advised that I could have the vegetarian starter, just without the sauce. The main was a little more tricky, but seeing a spaghetti and sauce dish on the children's menu I asked if he could check if that was suitable and if I could have that in an adult portion. Luckily it was and he offered to put some vegetables on the side for me. One thing I did notice about ADC is that service seemed a little slow. We were waiting around for about 20 minuets before our order was even taken, same with ordering a pudding as well (by the time it arrived the place was empty and we had to rush to see the parade in time). Speaking of pudding, as everything on the menu contained dairy I just opted for a fruit salad. The food its self was nothing special. I really enjoyed the starter which was grilled vegetables with salad. The main was very basic as expected, but I enjoyed it none the less while the vegetables I was presented with on the side were again, pretty basic. The pudding was a standard bowl of fruit with orange juice.


As I said, I didn't expect anything amazing from the food here. It was basic, but filled a hole and I didn't dislike it. I came here for the experience, getting to meet the characters, watching the princesses dance and experiencing the beautiful dining room. One thing I noticed was that the tables were placed really close together so you were practically sitting with the party next to you. Funnily enough though, we actually started chatting to a lovely lady from the Netherlands named Paula, that was sitting on the table next to us and we discovered we actually already followed each other on Instagram and know of a few of the same people in the twitter Disneyland Paris community. Pretty small world eh?

Overall I don't think I would be rushing back to Auberge de Cendrillion any time soon as I've eaten much better food elsewhere, and for the price of 69 per person, I just wouldn't be able to justify it. If they were to add a Vegan option to the menu I would definitely consider returning (or if they could guarantee Ariel & Eric or Belle & Human Beast would be there haha)!

Have you ever been to Auberge de Cendrillion?


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