Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Disney Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Disney christmas gift guide 2015 for men

Jedi Knight Gown // Millennium Falcon Chopping Board // Mickey Mouse Pop Figure
Oswald Mug // Sorcerer Mickey Disney Traditions // Men’s Mickey Mouse Pyjamas
Vans X Disney Slip On Shoes // R2D2 Wallet // UP Tshirt

Buying gifts for the men in our lives can be an absolute pain, although I’m sure they say the same about us (they only need to glance at our internet or amazon history to find an abundance of things we absolutely need, am i right?) So, I’ve decided to put together some suggestions for those men out there who love all things Disney, although there is totally something for everyone here as Star Wars is technically Disney and who doesn't love abit of Star Wars? My personal favourite is the Millennium Falcon Chopping Board as I’m moving house next week and geekey home ware is my current obsession!

Do the men in your life love Disney? What are you planning on buying them?


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