Tuesday, 29 November 2011

NOTD: Grey & Silver Glitter

Need more glitter! Another glittery nail combo, tis really a current obsession =p
I might have ago at some nail art around Christmas! I’ve always had an interest in it, but just haven't tried it. Do any of you have any suggestions for stamping kits or nail art pens? Let me know ^_^

_DSC0088edit _DSC0085edit

Yikes! I never noticed the state of my cuticles. Hello moisturiser!
I cut my nail with a razor the other week while shaving. Terribly painful, and has left a gammy dent thing on my nail =[ Boo me.


OPI Basecoat
Zoya Tao
OPI Silver Glitter (One from a Beauty Box)
Revlon Topcoat


Monday, 28 November 2011

FOTD: Everyday Neutrals

Everybody has an everyday look they throw on in the morning while applying their war paint, whether strapped for time or otherwise. We can’t always have bright, creative eye makeup yanno! Mine changes every now and again, but this is my current one! I usually include a glittery/metallic eyeliner, but today I went without!


_DSC0008edit _DSC0036edit

MUA Face Primer, Illamasqua Skinbase Foundation 02, MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC15, MAC MSF Light, NARS Laguna, Benefit Thrrrob, ELF Gotta Glow.

UDPP Sin, Urban Decay Naked Palette [Virgin, Sidecar, Buck, Creep], Studio Makeup Line Styler Pen, NYC Showtime Mascara, HD Brow Kit Foxy.

ELF Minty Lipgloss Boston.

Isn’t my turtle necklace adorable? What's your everyday makeup look?


Saturday, 26 November 2011

My Photographic Practice!

Hey guys! Something a little different here! I thought I would just enlighten you all on what I'm doing within my little artistic bubble! As I've mentioned before, I'm currently on my second year of a BA(Hons) Photography degree. I don't really put much of my work up online, but that's about to change! I'm hoping that by regularly uploading what I'm making, i can motivate myself more. I’m not sure if this will take the form of a blog, or just adding images to flickr, as I have two very different styles! On one hand I love commercial photography. I aspire to be a fashion photographer in the future, its what I'm gearing my whole life towards. On the other hand, I love photography as an art form.

_DSC0241editsmall[Photography by me, Makeup by Charlotte Odell, March 2011]

The commercial side of my practice is something I think you guys would be interested in. This post is really just to make you aware that I am going to start getting my work out there, my fashion and beauty images more so in relation to this blog, as they will include lots of makeup and clothing inspiration and looks! If any of you are interested in the artistic side, let me know and I can point you in the direction of whatever I decide to do!

FIGURE015small[Photography by me, Shot in Black&White Medium Format, Scanned]

For now, I leave you with my flickr! Its not got much on it at the moment, but expect to see regular uploads (I hope anyway!) >>><<<


Thursday, 24 November 2011

P-p-p-party Face and Outfit!

Hey hey! I said I would post some pictures of what I wore to my sisters 18th birthday party, and that I shall! BUT! I completely forgot to take any specific pictures! Eeeep! I will put a few taken on the night here though, and note down what products I wore. The makeup and outfit really cant be seen too well tbh, but you’ll get the gist!

[Me and the boyfriend – The only shot where the eye shadow is noticeable! This is a reoccurring moment where I grab his cheeks and go “aboocheeboo”!]

MUA Face Primer
Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 02
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Natural Light
NARS Laguna
Benefit Thrrrob
ELF Gotta Glow
ELF Makeup Mist and Set

ELF Mineral Eye shadow Primer
Urban Decay Eye shadows (Deep End, Vanilla, Buck, Virgin, Creep)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
NYC Showtime Mascara
HD Brow kit in Foxy

ELF Matte Lip Colour in Tearose

I’m loving having a bright colour over the lid, with Creep & Buck blended into the crease lately! I bought a teal glitter liner to wear with this look but totally forgot about it, meep! Ah well :’)

[My four best friends all dolled up!]

My outfit was pretty simple! A just-above knee length black dress I got from a small shop in Manchester for £15. I love this cut, pretty modest but a tight upper body and flows from the waist. I coupled this with a necklace from Dorothy Perkins, black tights, leather jacket and Dr Martens (can’t look too girly now can i!)

384905_10150364082656711_552746710_8651504_1529523566_n 321637_10150950099020571_701270570_21738870_600668953_n

[Not really a fan of me on the image on the left, but my boy looks stunning in it, so had to show him off! On the right is the birthday girl, Daddy and myself rocking a leather jacket]

I dont have a clear image of my nails but I guess i can share what was on them anyway!

OPI Base Coat
Collection 2000 Hot Looks Bongo Beat
MAC Glitter & Ice Nail Lacquer in Unconditionally Fabulous
Revlon Top Coat

Have you been to any parties lately, or had a special occasion to dress up for?


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

NOTW: BarryM Indigo & Stargazer

Hello m’dears! I’m finally back at my pc after being home for 10 days ^_^ I have lots of things to share with you in the coming weeks! I did lots of shopping when I went home, falling in love with some new products!
For now a quick NOTW post, showing when I currently have on my nails. I really do have a glitter obsession, so expect to see lots of glitter clad nails and eye looks in the lead up to Christmas!

_DSC0006edit _DSC0005edit

OPI Base Coat
BarryM Indigo
Stargazer 144
Revlon Top Coat

I’m actually incredibly exited for Christmas! Its not far away at all! Red sparkly nails are a must for me this year! Even my mum was persuaded into buying the MAC Winter Collection glittery nail polish (i forget its name). Well excited to go home and use it haha! What are your Christmas must haves? Do you have a glitter “thing” going on like I do?


Friday, 4 November 2011

October Favourites

This is a few days later than planned, but I’ve been a little busy in the past week, getting two deadlines all done! Uni is going really well this year, I have tonnes of ideas and inspiration, and really hope that my hard work is going to pay off!
In other news I'm going home on the 12th for 9 days! It’s my sisters 18th so I shall be definitely posting about my outfit and makeup, plus my sisters makeup as I'm highly likely doing to be doing hers ^_^
Anyway, here's what I've been loving this month!

LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter


As I've said in the past, my nails are in horrid condition! They bend, sometimes flake and never grow long. I’ve only really used one polish this month (see later items), and when I'm not wearing it this will be coated on my nails and nail beds. Only the tiniest bit is needed so this is guaranteed to last for a long time. Since using this, I've noticed a big difference. This morning I had to clip down my nails! I never do that! There's also been no more flaking or broken skin at the nail bed as well. For £5.95, every girl should have this.

L’Occitane Hand Cream


Another hand product! My hands have ben in a sorry state this October. Dry is an understatement! I’ve been in the market for a new hand cream, and saw this freebie in Marie Claire. I am trying to save money, but for under £4 why not! I am so so glad I got this! I got the normal one, as i didn't want my hands smelling like chocolate haha! This has been a lifesaver. While walking to uni, my hands always bothered me being dry in the cold, now i just pop abit of this on, and voila! Perfect! I will be picking up some more L’Occitane products when I go home, as we have a flag store there, and i’m loving this brand so far!

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment


I’m a massive fan of hair oils, and this is no different. I got this with my September Boudoir Prive box, and have been trying it out over the past month or so. This small bottle has lasted me over a month and half, and there's still only half gone! A little goes a long way for sure! There's a small difference in texture between this and the VO5 oil I was previously using. This feels, smoother, like it absorbs into my hair more. I’m going to be trying alot of hair oils in the next few months, and probably writing a comparison review as I seriously don't know what i could do without them now!

Directions Semi- permanent Hair dye


I get bored of my hair so easily! Its currently platinum blonde but I cannot resist running some colour through it every few weeks! I used to dye my hair bright colours alot, but the upkeep was a pain in the ass most of the time. Sure blonde is sometimes annoying to keep up, but I love being blonde more than any colour I've been. My complexion really suits it. I cant help but get bored though. I’ve resisted the temptations to dye the whole of my hair a bright colour, instead opting for hair dyes. I mostly use directions, as they are in a range of colours, easily available and don't stain the hair like Special Effects hair dye. I currently have blue underneith (which can be seen here) but am thinking of going for yellow soon! I may even get some Special effects so it lasts longer, as yellow wont be that dramatic against blonde. What do you guys think?

17 Magnetic Nail Polish


Lastly, I’ve be loving the new magnetic nail polishes by 17! Such an amazing idea, and creates gorgeous patterns. This is alot cheaper than the Nails inc one, and gives exactly the same results in my opinion. Its a pain getting used to it at first, getting the consistency right and resting the magnet on the nail without touching the polish, but the end result is pretty! Even my friend, who hates most things makeup & girly, is obsessing over this polish. I cant wait until more colours are available!

Not many makeup items this month, as I've not been wearing much! Playing around with Sugarpill has sparked by creativity though, and I'm planning on rocking a bright eye most of this month!
Have you tried any of this products I've been loving, and what do you think of them?


Thursday, 3 November 2011

FOTD: Sugarpill SweetHeart - Dollipop & Midori

Hai hai hai! A quick FOTD incoming!
I went to my friend Katie’s house the other day to try out some of her newest goodies, including some sugarpill eye shadows & Illamasqua skinbase foundation! I must say, i NEED these products in my life! I shall be nipping to Manchester to get the foundation when I go back north, as it is EXACTLY my shade! I’ve never ever found a foundation which is such a great match for me!


MUA Face Primer
Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation 002
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC15
ELF Complexion Perfection
NARS Laguna
Accessorize Blush (I cant recall which one)
ELF Gotta Glow

Sugarpill SweetHeart Palette (Dollipop & Midori)
MAC Floof
Rimmel Khol Eyeliner
Smashbox Mascara
HD Brow Palette in Foxy

MAC Russian Red
Jemma Kid Red Lipgloss

I will 100% be getting the 2 sugarpill palettes, Illamasqua foundation and a bold red lippy before christmas!
I'm not sure I suit the red lippy in photos, but in person it looks fab! I think its just the angle of the photo or the way its on my top lip! Ah well!
Also what do you guys think of the blue in my hair =] I'm getting abit bored of blonde so thought it was time i funked it up with colours again!

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