Sunday, 27 October 2013

Beautifully Disney L’Amour Mauve Eyeshadow Palette Review

beautifully disney eyeshadow palette l'amour mauve review 2

beautifully disney eyeshadow palette l'amour mauve review

I have quite a bit of Disney makeup which has yet to be shown here, so each week I’m now going to have a dedicated Disney day where I review a piece or create a Disney makeup look! Just another way to fuel my obsession. I’ve been pretty busy with my teaching degree these past few months but half term has arrived. Incoming lots of post scheduling.

Luckily I managed to pick this up for 75% off in cast connections back when I worked for Walt Disney World as the outer packaging was a little bit battered. It is part of the Unlock the Spell collection which is inspired around Tiana, Belle and Rapunzel. I’m always pleasantly surprised by Walt Disney Company makeup. I never expect it to be as high quality as it is. The packaging reminds me of Sugarpill and is decorated with silhouettes of the three princesses. The shadows themselves are very soft, possibly too soft as I’ve heard of some shattering during shipping. This isn't really something you would want to risk travel with. The colours are beautifully pigmented though and blend easily, being complimentary to each other. Looks can definitely be created just by using this palette on its own. I really enjoy using these beauties, they can be used for a more “work appropriate” daytime look as well as a more dramatic evening look. I personally have been using #1 on the lid and brow bone while using #2 and #3 to define/blend out in the crease.

beautifully disney eyeshadow palette l'amour mauve review swatches

The only downside is this is currently only available at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and the US Disney Store Website. The previous collection has popped up on the UK Disney Store website though so I’m going to keep my eyes peeled in future.

Pros: Cute packaging, Soft, Blendable, Pigmented, Complimentary to each other.
Cons: Availability, Shadows aren’t named, Maybe a little too soft.

You can pick this up for $27.95 on the Disney Store Website.
Have you tried any of the Beautifully Disney range? What's your favourite piece?


Friday, 18 October 2013

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment Review

moroccan oil review haircare

I have to hold my hands up here and say I'm not the best at looking after my hair. Hair care comes in at the bottom of my beauty essentials list, so when I'm on a budget it suffers (I’ve only just bought some heat protection spray after being out for 2 months, oops!) So needless to say it’s always in need of a little bit of TLC. Enter the must raved about Moroccan Oil*. This burst onto the scene a couple of years ago as THE hair care product. Since then I’ve tried a few high street offerings so when I was contacted to review this I did a little victory dance becoming pretty excited to see what all the fuss was about.

At first i had difficulty with pouring out the correct amount as there is no kind of ‘stopper’. I believe with the 100ml version though there is a pump, good times. When applying to my towel dried hair the first thing I notice is that seems to rub into my hair better than some high street versions I have tried. There is no residue left on my hands at all (I apply by rubbing a small amount on my hands then combing through with my fingers, rubbing into the ends). The Moroccan Oil leaves my hair feeling absolutely beautiful. Silky soft , shiny and most of all healthy. Although my hair is now 100% natural I’m a little naughty with using heat but I genuinely believe it’s condition has improved since using the treatment.

moroccan oil review haircare before and after

moroccan oil review haircare after

My only quip (apart from being a bit pricey) is that this version is a bit too heavy for my fine hair texture. If I use a tiny bit too much my hair can become greasy really quickly. I’d be very interested in trying the Moroccan Oil Light version if I can save up some pennies as that would be better suited for me. Now to talk about the cost! I wouldn't say the price is too bad. The 100ml bottle would easily last a long time. I’ve seen people spend £20 on one shampoo so i would much rather splurge for a treatment like this which is going to last me for a long time and give me the results I want.

Pros: Makes hair smooth, shiny and soft, A little bit goes a long way, Lasts for a long time.
Cons: Expensive, Can weigh down finer hair textures.

You can pick this up from Amazing Hair at £30.45 for 100ml, currently with free shipping!
Have you tried the original Moroccan Oil? What's your favourite alternative?


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Monday, 14 October 2013

Kat Von D Ladybird True Romance Eyeshadow Palette Review



kat von d ladybird palette

I’ve always been intrigued by the Kat Von D makeup range, seeing it pop up in American blogger’s posts, so was set on picking up something this summer. I opted for an eyeshadow palette with an unusual array of matte neutrals. I don’t have anything quite like this in terms of colour selection. The palette learns more to the warmer side, the shades being perfect for autumn. I love me some mattes and these don’t disappoint. The texture is buttery, so much that when i swatched in store I had an “are these cream?” moment. They blend beautifully, which can often be an issue with some mattes. No patchiness over here!

The autograph pencil is another lovely product. It glides on without tugging at the lid and lasts a long time without smudging which is personally a necessity for pencil liners. The colour is not one I would wear too often, but a girl can never have too many eyeliners right?

kat von d ladybird palette true romance swatches

The only thing I'm not really too fond of are the names of each eyeshadow. I don't know why, they just make me cringe a little bit. My favourite shade of the bunch has to be Tur Elise. I’ve been wearing it in the crease constantly over the past 2 months coupled with Vespertine on the lid and Harlow to blend out.

Pros: Pigmented, Blendable, Cruelty Free, Cute Packaging, Bonus Eyeliner.
Cons: Not easily available in the UK.

You can pick this up for $36 in Sephora.
What’s your favourite product from the Kat Von D makeup range? What would you like to try from the brand?


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Monday, 7 October 2013

Bath & Body Works Frosted Cupcake Scented Candle

bath and body works candle frosted cupcake 4

Transforming from a none-candle burner to one who constantly has one flickering away as I sit at my desk or read was a vastly accelerated process over this past year. Candles are a recent addition to my growing home essentials list, previously never really being one to splash my cash on their waxy goodness. Not long ago my mum gave me a Yankee candle tumbler in vanilla cupcake and I instantly fell in love. Hello my new mini obsession.

This summer I managed to pick up two of the much raved about Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles when I was in New York. Needless to say they’ve now become my favourites, I dread the day when their flames burn out. One of the scents I picked up was Frosted Cupcake, a deliciously sweet blend of fresh vanilla bean, sugar, cake batter and rich buttercream frosting. Almost good enough to eat while succeeding in dousing the upstairs of my house in its beautiful aroma. My favourite part? The value. With a price of $20 there is a regular (as in all the time) deal on which would give you two candles for $22. What a bargain! £50 on a Neom candle? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I can guarantee I will be picking up at least four of these next time I visit the states. Believe the raves guys!
Have you ever tried B&BW candles? What's your favourite scent?


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural Review


physicians formula happy booster blush natural swatch

physicians formula happy booster blush natural swatch 3

Another Physicians Formula review, another longing sigh over how i wish this brand was available in the UK already. Yet again this was one of my grabby hands purchases, but oh boy am I glad it made the cut. I’ve been alternating the Happy Booster Blush with my Tarte Amazonian Clay blush for the past month depending on if i want a brighter or more natural glow.

Natural really is becoming of its name. A lovely wash of warm medium pink gives the complexion a gorgeous glow without any obnoxious glittery bits. Now the packaging is rather strange. It’s a little chunky and garish yet I cant stop handling it. The blush flips up to reveal a little flat brush, similar to the benefit ones, but I'm probably never going to use it. I love the cute embossed heart design, I'm a sucker for things like that! The pigmentation is average so you can build up the Happy Booster Blush easily for a more noticeable flush or have a subtle glow, either way the outcome will be lovely. The moon boosting jargon goes right over my head but here's what Physicians Formula have to say on the matter.
”Infused with our Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress.”
Sure its a pleasure to apply but I wouldn't go as far as to say it makes me happy. Whatever floats their boat! The website also states that it smells like violet. Queue me sniffing my blush.

I have to be honest, I only actually bought this because it was half price. I’m a sucker for a good deal and have read positive reviews in the past so it was a no brainer really. As mentioned above though, I'm really glad I did. That's not to say it was expensive, it wasn't. I was just presented with so many American products that I would have rather picked up a lot of cheap things than a few pricier options.

Pros: Applies beautifully, Buildable colour, Gives a lovely glow, Lasts all day, Reasonable price.
Cons: Packing is a bit bulky, Probably wont show up as well on darker skin tones.

This can be found in most US drugstores for around $13.49 and online from ebay in the UK (at the moment).

What do you think of the Happy Booster Blush?


Friday, 4 October 2013

Benefit They’re Real Mascara Review

benefit they're real mascara review 2

benefit they're real mascara review brush

benefit theyre real mascara review swatch

I’ve never really been one to regularly buy high end mascaras. Drugstore picks have always done me fine even though my lashes generally need the most help! Maybe it’s just the cheapskate in me but over £10 for a mascara has always seemed way too much. Of course I'm never one to ignore a good deal or a freebie, so when last June’s Glamour magazine had a free sample of They’re Real, I practically ran to my nearest shop. I have tried a Benefit mascara before in the form of BADgal Lash, a present for Christmas back in 2010 when I first got into makeup properly. It never really did anything for me, the brush being too thick and the product smudging around my eyes. Seeing the great reviews for They’re Real, I had much higher hopes.

The brush is plastic and perfect for those of us with shorter lashes. The fine bristles coat every lash while the ball end can get those harder to reach areas. The formula is nice, having a long wear time while applying evenly and not flaking at all. The only problem I've had is that sometimes (and i do mean only sometimes) it can transfer onto my brow bone during the day. I reach for this above all other mascaras as it really does an amazing job in giving my lashes length and volume. The only issue really is price. This thing is rather expensive.

Pros: Lengthens, Volumizes, Easy to remove with no flaking, Holds a curl.
Cons: Can sometimes smudge onto my brow bone, Expensive.

Luckily I managed to grab another They’re Real sample in Sephora as part of their beauty insider birthday gift scheme so haven’t had to repurchase yet. Whether I do or not will depend on money (things are quite tight at the moment). If that wasn’t an issue, or I could actually bring myself to blow 20 quid on a mascara, i would snap this back up in a jiffy. You can pick this up from Boots or any department store benefit counter for a whopping £19.50.

What do you think of They’re Real? What’s your favourite mascara?


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner and Serum Review




Those from across the pond may be a bit more familiar with Physicians Formula than us here in the UK, though rumour has it they could be gracing us with their pretties in the future, fingers crossed! When supermarket sweeping Walmart one hot Florida day, the Eye Booster liner made it into my basket. I think i must have read a good review about it at some point as I know I have way too many eyeliners to generally justify more. Now in my experience, felt tip liners can be hit or miss. I’ve tried some amazing ones (hello Collection felt tip liner) and some rubbish ones. The first thing I love about this is the  packaging. Housed in a metallic casing, it looks and feels so sleek while appearing pretty luxurious. The lid satisfyingly pops on and off due to the spring within while the ball inside stops the product from drying up. There are three shades, Brown, Black and Ultra Black. I picked up Black, although wish I would have gotten ultra black as this isn't quite as dark as I would like.

The Eye Booster claims to be 24 hour wear, although who really would want to wear it for that long? I can vouch for its longevity, it not budging after 12 hours (uni days are long). Now I don't know about or believe in all this lash boosting serum mumbo-jumbo, but it really is a nice product to use. The formula glides onto the eye beautifully not tugging or causing a mess as some liners can do. The tip can be hard to control in regards to line thickness although once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s very precise. Another bonus, Physicians Formula is cruelty free which has become a must for my makeup indulgences. Will I repurchase when it comes to the UK? It depends on retail price over here, but if it’s reasonable, yes! I would probably alternative between this and my trusty Collection Felt Tip Liner.

Pros: Beautiful packaging, Closes securely, Precise line, Long lasting, Cruelty free, Great for sensitive eyes, Reasonable price.
Cons: Harder to get hold of in the UK (For Now!)

You can pick this up from any drugstore if you are in the US for around $8 – $11 or online (or ebay) in the UK.

Are you looking forward to Physicians Formula hitting the UK? What product are you most excited to try?


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