Monday, 30 January 2017

Quick Service Meals | Vegan in Disneyland Resort

Unlike Disneyland Paris, the American parks are much more accommodating towards vegan diets, with plenty of options to choose from in both quick service and full service. Mind you, it still takes abit of research, having already created a list beforehand of places I wanted to try and it's still recommended to ask about ingredients as they can change at any time. Honestly, as much as I love DLP, the food is terrible quality compared to the US parks and I found myself thoroughly impressed with the amount of options available to me. Of course, there is plenty I am still yet to try, but be sure to keep an eye out for "part 2" as there is no doubt that I will be returning to Disneyland Resort a few time during my CRP program.

Royal Street Veranda - New Orleans Square (DLR)

The Vegetarian Gumbo at Royal Street Veranda was my first taste of food in DLR and oh my did it set the tone for the whole holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and having never tried Gumbo before, got major princess and the frog feelz. Being served in a sourdough bread bowl made the carb lover in my rejoice! It's served Vegan as is, so no need to ask for it without anything.

Lucky Fortune Cookery - Pacific Wharf (DCA)

Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I love Asian food, so this Asian Rice Bowl with Tofu was just what the tofu obsessive in me needed. Make sure to get it without sauce as i do believe none of them are vegan. Edamame is also available here as a side which I totally regretted not getting at the time.

Award Weiners - Hollywood Land (DCA)

I was abit hesitant that the Vegetarian Portabello Mushroom Philly was going to be a little bland as originally it comes with cheese (to veganise ask for it without), but i need not have worried. The veggies were amazing and cooked to perfection. I opted for the meal deal which comes with crisps/apple slices and a drink. 


What would any Disney trip be without indulging on a few signature snacks? Luckily, there are several treats for Vegans to try in Disneyland, including the famous Dole Whip. Other options include Popcorn, Mickey Pretzels, Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade and Cotton Candy. Remember, the Starbucks on Main Street/Buena Vista Street also serve Soya versions of your favourite drinks!

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