Friday, 3 February 2017

Jane Porter Cosplay

Cosplay has always been something i've been interested in, but never actually taken part in, being someone who tended to admire fabulous costumes from afar. I'm not that savvy with a sewing machine, nor really have the time to learn, and to buy outfits can work out expensive. However, having decided upon visiting Disneyland Paris for the Halloween Soiree I knew I wanted to "do it properly" and what better character to dress up as than my favourite, Jane Porter. Anyone who knows me knows of my love for Tarzan, so Jane was at the top of my list. 

Firstly I had to find someone who would make the dress. After abit of a google search and a browse on Etsy, I decided to message the lovely Bel from Closet Geek. I had seen alot of her work before as she makes the outfits for Amy and her daughter, so was confident that she would create something perfect! We had a few back and forth emails, agreeing on a material, time frame, some examples of what I wanted, my measurements and pricing. The result was this gorgeous dress that met all my expectations and more. Add a few accessories and I'm as close to Jane Porter as I'm going to get! I think for the future I definitely want to add to it by having shoe covers and a "poofier" petticoat, maybe a bit of shoulder padding. It was such a surreal evening and so many people stopped me to take my photo (awkward but fun). What a fabulous first step into the world of cosplay.

Have you ever cosplayed a Disney character before? Who would you most like to cosplay?

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